“The cure of the part should not be attempted without the  cure of the whole”. ~Plato

An accomplished healer, I help my clients create opportunities to bring about shifts in consciousness. Nutrition/herbs, bodywork, and psycho/spiritual development are some of my areas of expertise.

My recent certification as an integrative chaplain has expanded my understanding of healing and deepened my practice of spiritual guidance.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Cynthia is an absolutely wonderful intuitive healer. She’s got that wonderful gift of knowing what your body, mind and soul need to be whole and to function the best they possibly can. I’ve been seeing her for several years to keep “tuned up” to feel wonderful in body, mind and spirit. This year she has treated me for serious health issues and restored my life. She does not share the oh so common belief, you’re just getting old and falling apart, take some more meds and don’t worry, we have even more meds to take care of the side effects.

    She also offers lifestyle and diet changes that have made a huge difference to me. Yet she leaves it up to you if you want to incorporate those changes in your life, if you don’t, she doesn’t judge, but instead helps you to find other ways to support your body.

    I used to credit Cynthia for keeping me tuned to be able to keep up with a very demanding job and lifestyle into my senior years. This year, I’ve come to credit her for my very life and my ability to continue to do the things that mean so much to me.

    Cynthia has also worked wonders for my octogenarian father when his doctors and scads of specialists gave up and said he’s old and failing, what do you expect at his age. My father only agreed to alternative therapy when he reached the point of feeling very ill and very weak and sad, disappointed and feeling failed that the medical system had given up any hope for him. He went to his first session with Cynthia expecting nothing. He left feeling remarkably better, stronger, appetite back, and feeling better with his hope regained. He now feels she gives him more and makes him feel better, physically, mentally and spiritually than a team of traditional health workers possibly can.

    I refer friends and co-workers to Cynthia. The ones reluctant to try an alternative therapy, I urge to visit her once and if they don’t feel a difference or don’t feel they have been helped, well don’t go again! But why not try an opportunity that is right there in front of you and has the possibility of improving your life?

    So far everyone I’ve referred to Cynthia reported back that they were amazed and that they received more healing than they’d found with other modalities of treatment … and the real proof is in their return visits.

    One close friend told me after her first visit to Cynthia that she felt so much better. But the visit (which is very reasonably priced) wasn’t covered under her insurance so she’d continue with the invasive treatment she’d been using that often made her feel worse. After a long discussion about quality of life, the value of optimum health, co-pays, deductibles, the cost of prescriptions and if you don’t have your health, what do you have, she has become a regular client of Cynthia’s.

    If you’re new to the area and looking for alternative health care and healing, if you’re tired of being given medication on top of medication, if you’re having side effects from medications, if you don’t feel you’re getting all you should from traditional treatments, if you just don’t feel as good as you’d like to in body, mind or spirit — give Cynthia a try. It just might be the best choice you’ve ever made.

    When the entire package that makes up YOU is treated, then YOU will feel the best possible in every way.


  2. I have treated with Cynthia Armbrister for a number of difficult issues. She always makes a significant difference in increased mobility and pain reduction. She is a compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and effective healer. She is often able to correct areas of concern that other practitioners cannot even find.

    She is incredibly knowledgeable about the entire holistic health process and offers a wide variety of services to fit YOUR particular needs. If something can improve your health she probably knows about it and offers it. She truly is a “one stop shop.” She works to make you better and always goes the extra mile for her clients.

    If anyone I cared about was having pain or was just in general poor health I would get them to Cynthia first.

    Succinctly put-she is the best there is. I drive several hours from Pennsylvania to see her so that tells you a great deal about how highly I think of her and how much I value her healing abilities.

    I would recommend her and her healing abilities to anyone. Don’t give up hope- you need to treat with Cynthia Armbrister.


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